"April Showers," Preschool Crafts

.Grace Robinson
"April Showers," Preschool Crafts

"April Showers," Preschool Crafts

At Lasonia's Activity Land in Hot Springs, Arkansas, they did two crafts themed for the, "April showers," that lead to, "May flowers." They painted on paper umbrellas and made fun crayon and marker designs on paper rain boots!

How To Do Your Own, "April Showers," Craft

You can do your own, "April Showers, "craft by taking construction paper and cutting it into the shape of umbrellas and rain boots. Then, use paint to decorate your umbrellas (acrylic or tempera paint works well) and crayons or markers to have fun designs be on the rain boots! Once everything dries you can hang it up to display for all to admire!

Source for Photos: Lasonia's Activity Land

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"April Showers," Preschool Crafts
May 26, 2020
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