"Around the World," International Market-Theme for Preschool

.Mia Brown
"Around the World," International Market-Theme for Preschool

Around the World

At the A Children’s Carousel Preschool in Weston, Florida, they held their third annual international marketplace that involved stopping-by tables theme for all around the World!

It was a wonderful day traveling the World and thanks to an assortment of amazing parent volunteers who helped everyone have a stellar time.

Different Places for Different Rooms!

All of the different classrooms had different places as their theme!

In Room 1 students got to visit France and learn about French cuisine!


Room 2 featured Ghana and games found there such as Mancala.


Room 3 discussed Spain and treats found there in addition to the bright colors of its flag.

Puerto Rico

Room 4 covered the protectorate of North America, Puerto Rico along with its rich history.


Room 5 was dedicated to Panama and its famous canal!

Room 6 Ecuador

Within Room 6 Ecuador and the many islands found by it were a subject.


Room 7 looked at Ukraine and had a clever craft for making its flag out of paint and students' handprints.


Lastly, Room 8 was all about Ireland as well as its lucky clovers.

The International Marketplace was a huge hit and beloved by the students and volunteers alike!

A Children's Carousel


Weston, FL, United States


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"Around the World," International Market-Theme for Preschool
February 10, 2020
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