Arrange your own fried rice

Arrange your own fried rice

Arrange your own fried rice

This is a very simple craft that kids like a lot. We just need to prepare a picture of a plate on a cardboard paper.

Then please prepare the picture of any fried rice condiments, such as slice of tomato, slice of cucumber, piece of lettuce, fried chicken, chicken nugget, sausage, or any other condiment. You just need to cut the pictures for lower level preschooler or ask them to cut the picture by themselves for upper level preschooler.

You also need to prepare grain and die it using red food coloring. This is the way. You need to put the rice / grain inside a plastic clip than put some drops of red coloring then shake it until all the rice / grain completely change the color.

The most interesting to do for the kids are arranging the fried rice according to their preference. Looks yummy.

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Arrange your own fried rice
March 22, 2021
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