Attachment Challenge for 3rd-Grade Students

.Abigail Miller
Attachment Challenge for 3rd-Grade Students

For their specials classes, the 3rd-grade students at Currier Elementary School in West Chicago, Illinois, explored their sculpture center's materials.

As a part of this, the class did the attachment challenge. The attachment challenge involved students needing to create a sculpture without using things such as glue or tape for attaching parts of the sculpture to one another. Doing this required a lot of focus and innovation.

Attachment Challenge Results

As can be seen from the pictures, the children came up with many clever ways to design their sculptures without the usual attachment methods. They utilized everything from pipe cleaners to pins, popsicle sticks, paperclips, thumbtacks, clothespins, rubber bands, aluminum foil, cotton balls, and more! The students made sculptures out of everything from robots to smiling faces and they did it all with no glue or tape, which make it all extra-impressive. The class really excelled at their attachment challenge and if you do it with your own class they'll surely have fun and make incredible works as well!

Currier Elementary School Specials
West Chicago, IL, United States

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Attachment Challenge for 3rd-Grade Students
January 19, 2020
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