Basic Sketching

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Basic Sketching

Basic SketchingBasic Sketching- Final Draft

Using Basic Grip

  1. Position the pencil between your forefinger and middle finger. The pencil should rest between the pad of your forefinger and the inside edge of your middle finger. Make sure the tip of the pencil is pointed downwards.
  2. Brace the opposite side of the pencil with your thumb. Place the tip of your thumb at the midpoint between the tips of your fore and middle fingers, making sure that only the first knuckle of each finger is making contact with the pencil.
  3. Lift your wrist off of your drawing surface. Rather than using your wrist to anchor your hand the way you would when writing, allow it to hover just above the paper.
  4. Use both your wrist and forearm to draw. Once it’s time to put pencil to paper, get your entire lower arm involved. Move the pencil with smooth, precise strokes, starting from the elbow. Remember to keep your wrist poised above your work surface at all times.

Basic Sketching
July 7, 2020
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