"Be Who You Are," Activity by City Park

.Emily Davis
"Be Who You Are," Activity by City Park

"Be Who You Are," Activity by City Park

At City Park in Brentwood, California, they engaged in a really neat activity! They read the book, "Be Who You Are," by author Todd Parr and made their own unique scarecrows!

The book, "Be Who You Are," is all about being proud of the things that make us different and unique, so with that in mind everyone had a stellar time making their own scarecrows that reflected their own originality. They were the cutest scarecrows made by the cutest kids around!

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Different parts of the book were also on display with the scarecrows saying such truthful lines as how everyone needs to be loved regardless of what color we are or where we are from. The book's emphasis is wise that we should always love ourselves and be who we truly are!

Now Remember, Be Who You Are!

Here are even more awesome pictures of the scarecrows!

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"Be Who You Are," Activity by City Park
October 16, 2019
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