Preschool Cactus Craft

.Mia Brown
Preschool Cactus Craft

At Elite Education in Gallatin, Tennesse the preschool class created a fun multimedia cactus craft!

They read the Dr. Seuss book, "Why oh Why are Deserts so Dry," in Mrs. Jessica's class and then discussed topics such as what kind of animals might be found living in the desert. How cactuses are often found in the desert was also talked about, and led to the class doing a delightful cactus craft!

Multimedia Cactus Craft

The students began by cutting the shape of a cactus out of some green construction paper. Once that was done they took this cut-out and pasted it onto a blue sheet of construction paper. Next, they used plastic forks as a painting tool! The kids dipped the forks in green paint and then spread it on their cactus to make it look spiky. After that, they spread glue all around the bottom of the cactus and picked-up some real sand. They spread this sand on the glue so that it looked like the cactus was truly standing in the desert.

Each student wrote their name on their craft so they could take it home and show it proudly to their parents; it was a fun craft!

Elite Education's
Gallatin, TN, United States

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Preschool Cactus Craft
February 5, 2020
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