Paper Strip Chinese Dragon Craft

.Sophia Williams
Paper Strip Chinese Dragon Craft

At Idyllwild School PTA smARTS Project, the 2nd class of Mrs. Chavez had a great time making Chinese dragons out of none other than paper strips! What happened was that students created their own collage of New Year dragons for this Chinese New Year! It was a simple project that looked wonderful once it was done.

Creating a New Year Dragon

To make the dragon, students started with a black piece of construction paper and then proceeded to glue down a piece of yarn. This yarn served as a guide of sorts for the dragon that was then made! After having those pieces prepared the students took their scrap pieces of construction paper and began putting them down along the string to form the body of their dragons! They used some more scrap paper and stickers to finish their dragon creations and it looked stellar when everyone was done!

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Paper Strip Chinese Dragon Craft
January 27, 2020
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