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Chinese New Year Dragons Craft for Kids

Olivia Johnson
Chinese New Year Dragons Craft for Kids

At Peter Pan Schools in Alameda, California the children were, "Invited," to create New Year Dragons for the Chinese New Year.

Kids love colors and exciting creatures such as dragons. For this activity, a variety of dragon heads were set out along with tempera paint and gold glitter. Students used the heads as a reference as they painted their own dragon head designs on construction paper.

An Exciting Craft

This craft activity encouraged children to express themselves as they worked with paints and glitter. Doing this craft assisted students with enhancing their color recognition abilities and encouraged experimentation with how they chose to place colors on their sheets of paper. One aspect of the activity was squeezing out the paint and then folding the paper in half before pressing the pages together with their hands. Then the pages were unfolded and the students were excited to see the change form of their artwork. This helped boost their understanding of cause and effect.

The kids also enjoyed learning about other cultures and this activity was a great way to expose them to how other people can be similar and different around the World. We may be different races, ethnic groups, cultures, religions, languages, or families, but we all are people who care about others! This activity is therefore wonderful for incorporating anthropology, history, religion, geography and so forth. It was an exciting craft!

Peter Pan Schools
Alameda, CA, United States

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Chinese New Year Dragons Craft for Kids
January 23, 2020
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