Fun Preschool Christmas Activities

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Fun Preschool Christmas Activities

Parsons Family Child Care in Lake Elsinore, California did all kinds of fun Christmas activities to get in the holiday spirit! Check them out below and see how great a time was had!

Gingerbread House Letter-Matching

The children matched the uppercase version of letters with the lowercase style and placed them upon the gingerbread house. This activity was great with helping practice letter recognition, assisted students in developing their concentration, had an exploration aspect, and encouraged helping a friend with the activity should they need that.

Snowman Uppercase and Lowercase Letter-Matching

This activity also had the children match their uppercase and lowercase letters (ABC/abc). It involved having the kids concentrate, exploring with the pieces, and utilizing their fine motor skills. Plus, they practiced their letter recognition too!

Working on Writing in Sprinkles

Each of the children got their own tray full of colorful sprinkles they practiced writing with. They learned how letters are created and then worked at writing some themselves with fun tools! They all explored together and it helped with concentration, encouraged sensory play, utilized color recognition, and the aforementioned different tools made it extra-fun to learn about writing!

Parsons Family Child Care
Lake Elsinore, CA, United States

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Fun Preschool Christmas Activities
December 21, 2019
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