Circus Theme-Weekly in Children Central

Sara Smith
Circus Theme-Weekly in Children Central

There was a special circus theme this week in the classroom (Children Central, Langhorne, PA). The entire week was filled with a number of enjoyable activities that all the students enjoyed.



We started the week off talking about animals typically spotted at the circus. To go along with our discussion, we made animal handprints inside our Preschool Big Top Circus.

After that, we read the book "Clifford at the Circus," then had fun with a common circus activity known as the ring toss.



Food is an important component of any circus. From popcorn to ice cream, most people enjoy tasty but unhealthy foods at the circus. While it is fine to indulge at times, we discussed why this type of diet is not typical for a healthy lifestyle.

Peanuts, cotton candy and ice cream were all served. We made the ice cream into a counting game, keeping track of the number of scoops on each cone.

For activities, we offered our customized version of a tight rope walk on a balance beam.



Why do people go to the circus? It's all about the performances for most attendees. Children took part in the act by providing their own examples of clowns, tightrope artists and more. The videos put together were outstanding!

After the performances, we read the book "If I Ran The Circus" by Dr. Seuss. The day ended with making circus animal cookies that were fun (and tasty).



After a week full of activities, we concluded the week with water play. The students loved it.

We also shared and read some of our favorite books, either from preschool or home. It was National Book Lovers Day, so we had to make the most of it.


Circus Theme-Weekly in Children Central
August 12, 2019
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