Clothespin Spider Matching Activity

Olivia Johnson
Clothespin Spider Matching Activity

Clothespin Spider Matching Activity

This is a fun fine motor activity idea that ties-in perfectly with Halloween! It was created by Sunshine and Rainbows Learning Center in Joliet, Illinois and involves matching colorful clothespins with the correct dot on a paper-spider's body so that it can have all eight legs properly in place!

Sunshine and Rainbows Learning Center

How to Make Your Own Clothespin Spider

  • You need a large black piece of construction paper that has been cut into a big circle.
  • Draw two eyes or place stickers to be the spider's eyes.
  • Get stickers of colorful dots and use eight different colors, place four on each side of the spider where its, "Legs," will go.
  • Laminate the paper with the dots on it so that it is sturdy and can withstand the clothespins that will be put on it.
  • Get eight clothespins that match the dot colors or paint them as needed to match each dot.
  • The spider is ready to be used for the activity!

How to do the Clothespin Spider Matching Activity

Give students the spider without its clothespin, "Legs," attached and give them the clothespins as well.

Explain that each of the eight clothespins goes with a colorful dot on the spider so that it can have its eight legs attached.

Have students match the correct clothespin to the corresponding colorful dot, help them as needed.

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Clothespin Spider Matching Activity
October 15, 2019
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