Cloudy Day Sticky Wall Activity for Toddlers

.Ava Jones
Cloudy Day Sticky Wall Activity for Toddlers

It’s a great indoor activity for a rainy day!

The con-tact paper it’s a fun, versatile material that’s perfect for little ones. Con-tact paper is sticky on one side, like a giant sticker. Traditionally, it’s used for covering kitchen shelves or text books. But we can totally use it for toddler activities too!

Just Children (Hilltown)
Telford, Pennsylvania


  • Con-tact paper
  • Tape
  • Blue and yellow construction paper
  • Cotton balls

Tape blue construction paper to your wall using painter’s or masking tape.

Cut out a sun from yellow construction paper and tape that to the corner of the blue paper.

Unroll and tape your contact paper over top the blue sky and sun with the sticky side out.

Grab your cotton balls and invite your toddlers to create fluffy white clouds by sticking them on the contact paper. They can either stick the entire cotton ball on the blue sky to make thick fluffy clouds, or they can dab them to leave a white wispy clouds instead.

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Cloudy Day Sticky Wall Activity for Toddlers
September 16, 2019
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