Community Helpers: Baker Crafts

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Community Helpers: Baker Crafts

Community Helpers: Baker Crafts

Bakers are a wonderful helper in our community. They make tasty treats for us that fill our bellies and bring a smile to our face.

At Rita Book's Daycare they did these two crafts that are designed to celebrate how great bakers are!

Build a Baker Craft

For this craft you need:

  • A sheet of yellow construction paper
  • Red construction paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • White construction paper
  • A coffee filter
  • Googly eyes
  • Aluminum foil
  • A black permanent marker
  • GlueScissors

To do the craft follow these steps:

Cut the red construction paper into strips, these will be the bakers arms

Cut circles out of the brown construction paper--one big one for the baker's head, two medium ones for his hands, and many small ones for his cookies

Cut a mustache out of the brown construction paper

Cut a circle out of the white construction paper

Glue the medium-sized brown circles to the ends of the red construction paper to make the baker's hands

Glue the red construction paper strips to the middle of the yellow construction paper with the hands pointing-out so they can be folded over later

Glue the big brown circle above the red construction paper strips in the middle, this is the head

Glue the white circle above the head

Glue the coffee-filter above the white circle, this is the baker's frilly hat

Glue the googly eyes on the baker's head

Glue the brown mustache below the googly eyes

Glue the aluminum foil below the bakers arms

Glue the small brown circles upon the aluminium foil--these will be chocolate chip cookies

Use the black permanent marker to put dots on the cookies like chocolate chips

Use the black permanent marker to write, "Baker," on the small white circle that is the bottom of the hat

Move the baker's hands to be touching the cookies and glue them onto them (optional)

The baker has been made and students can sign their name on the yellow construction paper if they want too!

Cookie Counting

This is an easy activity for really young students. Just have a print-out with brown, "Cookie dough," picture and have a bag of chocolate chips. Ask students to count-out a number onto the cookies--"Please put three chocolate chips on each of the cookies." After students do so they can eat the chips before being told the next number of chips. It makes a tasty snack!

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Community Helpers: Baker Crafts
September 29, 2019
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