Complex Painting Activity for Young Students

.Chloe Thompson
Complex Painting Activity for Young Students

Complex Painting Activity

Creation Space in Edmonton, Alberta (in Canada) loved this complex painting activity! It was very unique and allowed children to literally, "Walk into," their painting.

The idea came from education consultant, "Ronnie's Preschool," who helped this amazing project come about. It stretched their imagination and challenged how they think about what art truly, "Is." The class loved learning how art doesn't need a frame to look incredible and that art never has to stop at at the edge of a piece of paper. The key with art is to follow your ideas and then let them pour out wherever they need to, even if onto the floor!

How The Class Painted in a Complex Manner

The students at Creation Space took long pieces of shiny cardstock paper and strewn it all about in interesting shape and locations. Then, they painted all over it to make unique and eye-catching designs. It was creative and fun!

Ronnie's Preschool
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Complex Painting Activity for Young Students
February 28, 2020
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