Conker threading fun

Ann-Marie Hopkins
Conker threading fun

Conker threading fun

Conkers conkers conkers!

This time of year is great for nature scavenging. Conkers will be found under the horse chestnut tree easily identifiable by its crispy brownish fingered leaflets (5-7leaves on each one). They are not edible but can be used for many crafts - including this easy one!

When taking conkers remember that wildlife- squirrels in particular rely on them to keep them going during winter so only take as many as you will need for your craft! Leave the rest for nature.

Let your imagination take the lead!

Use a palm drill and conker clamp to hold the conker safely for you. Don't forget to protect your hand with a glove!

You will need - conkers, pipe cleaner or string, ribbon ,pen, palm drill, clamp and glove.

Drill a hole through each conker, thread onto pipe cleaner, tie a knot at each end, add a face to the top conker and a ribbon as a bow tie !

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Conker threading fun
October 18, 2021
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