Contact and Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft

.Charlotte Moore
Contact and Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft

Contact and Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft

This craft combines the stickiness of contact paper with the gentle beauty of tissue paper to make for a fun and beautiful creation! It was done by the students at Touchstone School and was great fun! The, "Intermediate," level class had been discussing the weather and did this craft to create a rainbow!

Contact paper is of course very sticky, and with that in mind, it was hung-up so that students could then work together to cut-up their tissue paper of various colors up and then stick them upon the contact paper. This layering of the colors resulted in a magnificent rainbow!

Also, the students teamed-up so as to pull-apart cotton balls that then were placed upon the contact paper as well to create clouds.

The activity was educational, encouraged working together, and resulted in an awesome piece of art! With very little supplies needed (contact paper, tissue paper, and cotton balls, this craft is both easy and fun to do!

Touchstone School, @TouchstoneSchool

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Contact and Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft
December 5, 2019
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