Create Mud Tacos

Teacher Annie
Create Mud Tacos

Create Mud Tacos

This week working educational activities at home we carried out an activity using natural elements. We started by reading the book Mud Tacos by Mario Lopez. When we finished reading the story, we went outside to look for natural materials. On the way we find leaves, flower petals of different colors among others. when we return to the interior we place them on a tray classifying the elements by color. Previously, I printed and laminated the drawings of some limbrices to give a detail to the activity. Then the children had the opportunity to work with the earth and in this way create the mud blocks using the collected materials.


You can use these or more materials such as snails, seeds and others.

Make sure they are safe for children and always under adult supervision.

Beforehand, choose clean soil and make sure it is safe to work with.

Allow the child to freely manipulate the materials.

Enjoy the activity and ask questions.

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Create Mud Tacos
September 10, 2021
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