Creepy Carrots Craft

.Emily Davis
Creepy Carrots Craft

Creepy Carrots Craft

Welcome to Crackenhopper field!

The popular children's book, "Creepy Carrots," follows a rabbit named Jasper as he tries to find some tasty carrots to eat in Crackenhopper field. However, he encounters some very creepy carrots that are more scary than tasty!

At Happy Trails Childcare & Day Camp in Bohemia, New York they made their own creepy carrots inspired by the book and your class will love doing it too!

Materials Needed for the Creepy Carrots Craft

  • The book, "Creepy Carrots," to read to students
  • Orange construction paper OR regular paper with carrot images on them (as Happy Trails Childcare & Day Camp did)
  • White construction paper
  • Green construction paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker

How to Do the Creepy Carrot Craft

Begin by reading students the book, "Creepy Carrots," and then tell them they get to make creepy carrots of their own!

Have students cut the orange construction paper/carrot-image paper into a triangular carrot shape.

Have students cut their green construction paper out in the shape of a carrot-tops.

Now students need to cut two big circles out of the white construction paper.

Next students can cut-out a semi-circle from the black construction paper (or a whole circle, however they want the mouth to look).

Students glue the green paper to the top of the carrot.

Students glue the eyes onto the carrot and the mouth right underneath.

Now students color-in the eyes with the black permanent marker.

If students want they can cut-out extra pieces of construction paper to glue onto their carrot to make it extra-creepy (such as if they want to add little white teeth in its mouth).

Once the carrots are done they can be put-up on a bulletin board such as Happy Trails Childcare and Day Camp did that looks just like a little version of Crackenhopper field!

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Creepy Carrots Craft
October 11, 2019
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