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Cub Scout Oath Relay

Lori Bielenberg
Cub Scout Oath Relay

My young cub scouts needed to learn the oath or pledge we say every week. I made color coded copies of the oath and cut them apart and laminated them. Then gave each pair of kids the first part of the oath. The rest was mixed up on a table along with all the other parts for other groups. The kids had to find their pieces and put them in the right order and then recite the oath. If they needed help they could run to our poster and check. Super fun game that got all kids involved. If a group got done early then they split up and joined another group helping them complete the oath. It was not only a great way to learn the oath but a great way of working on teamwork.

How do I get the fruit and veggie bingo game?

Cub Scout Oath Relay
October 18, 2023
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