Dentist Office Dramatic Play Area For Preschoolers

.Abigail Miller
Dentist Office Dramatic Play Area For Preschoolers

Dentist Office Dramatic Play

Oftentimes young children are nervous about going to the dentist. This dramatic play area is designed to look just like a dentist's office and help preschool-age kids get more comfortable with the idea of visiting the dentist through pretending to work at this, "office," for dental needs.

Dental Health-Focused Play!

The students who play in this dentist's office can pretend to work at the front desk where patients sign-in, examine dental x-rays or facts on the bulletin board by the waiting room, or practice seeing patients in the doctor's office.

Various tools (many of which can easily be bought inexpensively at a dollar store) are available to use on the stuffed animal or baby doll, "Patients," such as little mirrors, picks, dental floss, toothpaste, and of course toothbrushes! This dentist office was designed to not have any tools actually go in student's mouths as that would risk the spread of germs! Instead, at this office, all the tools are only put in the, "Mouth," of stuffed animals or baby dolls.

Hopefully by engaging in dramatic play where they are dentists themselves the preschool students will no longer be as nervous about when they visit their real-life dentist!

Emily Hausher, 4k Teacher at Wausaukee School District Peshtigo, Wisconsin

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Dentist Office Dramatic Play Area For Preschoolers
February 7, 2020
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