Dental Week in Preschool

.Madison Wilson
Dental Week in Preschool

Preschool Dental Center

At Miss Vicki’s Daycare in Hagerstown, Maryland the class had a fantastic time with their dental week! Dental health was the discussed topic and a variety of activities and educational materials were used to learn all about how to have healthy and happy teeth.

Dental Health Folders

Folders were given to students with labels saying what things to keep at home (tooth-brushing guides, toothbrushes, and toothpaste) as well as worksheets to do as homework and bring back.

Dental Health Folders for kids


The kids loved reading books all about dental health and how to have clean teeth.

Books about teeth

Dental Posters

The class examined posters all about why it is good to brush our teeth!

Dental Poster Images

Color Pages

One fun activity everyone enjoyed was doing coloring pages where they colored-in the sheets.

Dental Toys

Everyone had a fantastic time playing with dental-health themed toys. They brushed pretend teeth and used Play-Doh to be imaginary dentists!

Lapbook on Dental Vocabulary

Examining this lapbook full of dental vocabulary assisted students in learning all about the parts of the tooth and what we use to clean them.

Lapbook on Dental Vocabulary

I-Spy Game

There was an I-Spy game everyone had a lovely time playing where they found things asked for by the cards.

Animal Smile Facts

Animals have teeth just like humans and it was great fun reading about their, "Smiles," too.

Miss Vicki's Daycare
Hagerstown, MD, United States

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Dental Week in Preschool
January 29, 2020
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