Dinosaur Activities for Preschool Students Learning Science

Emma Johnson
Dinosaur Activities for Preschool Students Learning Science

At Peek A Boo Playhouse Community Preschool Program in Rohnert Park, California, they had a great time doing their Dinosaur theme and learning a bunch of science about Dinos! Here are some activities you could do with your classroom!

Dinosaur Park

Scientists have been able to determine certain kinds of Dinosaurs liked various kinds of Environments. Your preschoolers can make their own Dinosaur Parks full of the kind of things they learn Dinos liked--lots of tall trees for big Dinos, or shrubs for small Dinos (and lots of vegetarian-Dinosaurs for those who liked to hunt them for meat). By making their own little biomes for different kinds of Dinosaurs the preschool students get to feel like they are in charge of a big Dinosaur park! All you need are toy dinosaurs and a big outdoor space (or an indoor space and some imagination, such as using blue rocks as pretend-water instead of real water).

Dino Dig

Preschoolers can pretend they are paleontologists as they dig-up a bunch of Dinosaur bones that have been buried and then try to mix-and-match them to make an impressive Dino!

Dinosaur Counting

This activity is great for preschool students learning to count. They can be challenged to find and put together a certain number of one kind of Dinosaur and then show-off their counting skills by doing it! Kids will have a great time making sure they have 5 Triceratops, 4 Stegosauruses, or 1 T-Rex.

Dinosaur Matching

Get a bunch of Dinosaur toys, put pictures of each kind of Dinosaur on pieces of paper around your classroom, and then have the preschoolers try to match a toy to its Dinosaur. This is a fantastic way to make sure kids know the difference between a Utah Raptor or Saltapus.

Drawing Dinosaurs

Preschoolers love to draw and they love Dinosaurs, so why not combine these two passions into one? Put a Dinosaur toy at each table and have the students at that table work at drawing their interpretation of it with crayons, markers, or whatever they like.

Macaroni Dinosaurs

For this craft students get to fill an outline of a Dinosaur with dry pieces of pasta they glue onto the paper until the noodles fit the shape of the Dino. It is a fun activity--but it can get messy if the preschoolers aren't careful with their glue, so keep an eye on them!

Paper Plate Dinos

This craft encourages a lot of creativity. Students get to design a dinosaur out of paper plates with glue and scissors, then they can paint it. Once everyone is done put all the Dinosaurs together for a big exciting, "Herd," of Dinos!

Peek A Boo Playhouse Community Preschool Program, Rohnert Park, California

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Dinosaur Activities for Preschool Students Learning Science
August 27, 2019
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