Dinosaur's traces

Dinosaur's traces

Dinosaur's traces

At kindergarten we also try to address topics that attract children and that they really like. Many of them have toys, dinosaur toys and always ask questions about them. So, we decided to discuss this topic in kindergarten and we named our project "In the world of Dino".

In our activities we provide children with as much accurate information as possible, but synthesized at their level of perception. We know the names of the dinosaurs, their categories, the way they multiply, the eggs hatch, the way they move, feed, etc.

In addition to drawings, information, encyclopedias, we also use various educational games of sorting, matching, recognition, worksheets, but to make the activities even more interesting we also use plastic and practical skills, auditions. In this article I have attached images with an activity dear to children, making dinosaur traces / fossils in plaster or special modeling clay. Each child received a toy dinosaur (hard plastic) and a piece of modeling clay. From the clay they prepared a surface large enough to cover the whole body of the dinosaur, after which they pressed the dinosaur on the side to keep its shape imprinted. After the piece of clay dried, everyone painted the fossil in their favorite color.

Dinosaur's traces
October 10, 2020
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