Dot Day-Themed Crafts for, "Marking Your Mark," in the World!

.Isabella Jones
Dot Day-Themed Crafts for, "Marking Your Mark," in the World!

Dot Day-Themed Crafts for, "Marking Your Mark," in the World!


Dean Road Elementary had a, "Dot-tastic," Dot Day this past September 15th! This year's Dot Day is rapidly approaching and these crafts themed for the National Holiday are sure to help students have fun while being creative and feeling like they are, "Making Your Mark," in the world! Here are some crafts to do with your class:

Dotty Self Portraits

Encourage students to make a self-portrait either out of dots or with the assistance of dots to go with whatever they would like to draw.

Paper Mache Dots

With help from a grown-up a class or little ones can have a great time making their own big group of dots out of paper mache and then painting them beautiful colors.

Pictures of Things With Dots

Children can find a picture of something with lots of dots and bring it to class to talk about. They can discuss what their picture is of, why it might have lots of dots, and what they like about it.

Drawing Dots

Get a big sheet of paper, hang it up, and then encourage students to make dots with markers all on it until a beautiful collaborative drawing is made!

Dot Rainbow Mural

Work with students to make a number of dots that are different colors and then put them up on a bulletin board to make a rainbow mural of all the amazing dots.

Paper Plate Dots

Paper plates can look a lot like dots with a bit of artwork. Have students decorate paper plates in fun and stylish ways, then put all the plates up together to make one big gorgeous image.

Painted Rock Dots

For this craft students just need big round rocks, paint, and their creativity! Help students take rocks that are otherwise bland and plain be transformed into beautiful dots full of color.

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Dot Day-Themed Crafts for, "Marking Your Mark," in the World!
September 12, 2019
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