Drumming and Clapping Games to do Via Zoom

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Drumming and Clapping Games to do Via Zoom

Drumming and Clapping Games to do Via Zoom

These games involve making music via drumming and clapping. They help to teach children about patterns as well as how call-and-response works.

Drumming Game

To do this drumming game you first have students sit at a table they can pat their hands on, or get a pot/pan and a spoon, or even a real drum if they have one. Then, you can say how, "Everyone's drum is sleeping," which means no drum is playing. Then, say a child's name and how their drum is awake--that child then plays their drum. You can alternate how many drums are awake or sleeping as needed by how many children there are in total.


Photo and video: Bright Beginnings Parent Participation Preschool  @PreschoolAndGymkids   Sunnyvale, CA, United States www.fuhsdadultschool.com/preschool-programs

Clapping Game

This clapping game is done via a call-and-response style. You do a number of claps and then the children copy it. For example, If you go, "Clap, clap clap," they clap three times too. Then if you clap twice, they clap twice, and so forth. To make things more complex for older children you can have some claps be faster and some slower, so as to keep everyone's attention!

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Drumming and Clapping Games to do Via Zoom
April 2, 2020
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