Easy Snowflake Craft For Toddlers

.Madison Wilson
Easy Snowflake Craft For Toddlers

Easy Snowflake Craft For Toddlers

At Perfectly Prepared Preschool, LLC, the class had a ball doing this easy snowflake craft that is both simple and fun for little ones!

These snowflakes make for great Winter classroom decorations and feature the enjoyable action of ripping-up tissues which makes both a satisfying sound and provides a nice sensation to the hands of curious children. Making your own snowflake craft is easy and you can read how to do it below!

What You Need to Make the Easy Snowflake Craft

To do this craft for toddlers you only need three things! They are:

  • Strips of construction paper (the class used different shades of blue)
  • Glue
  • Tissues

How to Do the Snowflake Craft

Begin by having the students put glue on one side of four strips of construction paper.

Help the students lay the strips of paper in a criss-cross fashion so that they resemble a snowflake.

Next, have students rip up tissues and put the pieces of paper on the glue-covered parts of the snowflake that are still exposed.

Let everything dry and your snowflake craft is done!

Perfectly Prepared Preschool, LLC


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Easy Snowflake Craft For Toddlers
January 15, 2020
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