Fall Tree Clothespin Activity

Olivia Johnson
Fall Tree Clothespin Activity

Fall Tree Clothespin Activity

One thing we often associate with Autumn is how the leaves fall from the trees. Parsons Family Child Care came-up with a clever way to discuss this aspect of the season that you can do in your classroom too!

Parsons Family Child Care

How to do the Fall Tree Clothespin Activity

First, you will need a small tree or big branch that you can put in a pot or have some other way of ensuring it is standing straight-up. Then before students do the activity you need to glue toy/decorative leaves of various colors onto clothespins. Make sure to glue as many as you think you may need! Lastly, attach all the clothespins to the tree so its looks like it is full of colorful leaves.

Fall Tree Clothespin

One everything is prepared and students are in the classroom talk with them about how some kinds of trees lose their leaves in the Fall. Then, encourage the students to use the clothespins to take the leaves off of the tree, as if they're, "Falling."

Skills The Fall Tree Clothespin Activity Helps Develop

This activity helps to encourage the practice of fine motor skills via using the clothespins, has students engage in exploring, and utilizes observational skills (seeing where they need to get leaves off of the tree). It is fun and educational!

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Fall Tree Clothespin Activity
October 8, 2019
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