Frogs Activities for Preschoolers

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Frogs Activities for Preschoolers

Frogs Activities for Preschoolers

Frogs are fascinating amphibians. They can jump on land, swim in the water, and love to eat bugs. Alleluia Preschool & Kindergarten in Elkhorn, Nebraska (, did a number of fun activities involving frogs that you can do with your preschoolers as well!

F is For Frog

This paper craft has students take a big green version of the letter F and then do things like put legs on it, googly eyes, and a red string (for the frog's tongue! It allows them to review how the word, "Frog," starts with the letter, "F," and have fun too!

Frog Paper Craft

This is another delightful paper craft where students make a frog. In this case they create a hole for a noise-maker so they can insert it and then blow into it so it pokes-out like a frog's tongue!

5 Frogs on a Log Craft

The famous song about the, "Five little speckled frogs," who, "Sat on a speckled log," is beloved by children and Alleluia Preschool had the students make their own log out of brown paint they dabbed on a sheet and they added little frogs to, "Sit," upon the log.

5 Frogs on a Log Puppet Center

Preschool students will surely have a bunch of fun at a puppet center like this one where they can play with little frogs upon a log and sing the song about them eating, "The most delicious bugs! Yum! Yum!"

Sensory Boxes and Activities

There are a number of exciting sensory boxes and activities you can do with your students involving frogs. As these pictures show one activity is having toy frogs in a bin with colorful marbles and stones that can serve as pretend-water and lily-pads for the frogs to sit upon! In addition, having students scoop toy frogs out of water is fun. Also, having a big lily-pad made-out of Play-Doh that students can push toy frogs onto is another great sensory activity.

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Frogs Activities for Preschoolers
October 5, 2019
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