Fruit Loops Stacking Activity

.Amelia White
Fruit Loops Stacking Activity

Fruit Loops Stacking Activity

At Children's Garden of Knowledge, they had a lot of fun! They did an activity that involved carefully stacking fruit loops by sliding them onto a dry piece of spaghetti! It was important to be gentle so they didn't accidentally break the spaghetti!

Materials Needed for this Activity

To do this stacking activity you will need:

  • Fruit Loops or any cereal with a hole in the center, Fruit Loops are just colorful and fun
  • Pieces of dry spaghetti
  • Some putty or sticky tack

How to do this activity

To do this stacking activity follow these steps:

  1. Take your piece of putty/sticky tack and place it on your table.
  2. Put one end of your piece of spaghetti in the putty/sticky tack.
  3. Start placing your Fruit Loops over the spaghetti so the hole is centered and it slides down.
  4. Repeat with multiple Fruit Loops and be careful not to break your spaghetti!

Source for photos: Children's Garden of Knowledge

Fruit Loops Stacking Activity
July 24, 2020
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