Fun Activities With Tape for Toddlers

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Fun Activities With Tape for Toddlers

Toddlers love how tape is sticky and can be used in all kinds of fun and clever ways. At Elite Education in Gallatin, Tennessee they used Painter's tape to do a number of exciting and educational activities that you can do with your classroom too!

Elite Education

Gallatin, Tennessee

Fun Tape Activities

Grab some Painter's tape, masking tape, washi tape, or any other kind of colorful tape on a roll and prepare to get started having fun!

Easy Fine Motor Play

Young children love to pick at tape as well as peel it off any surface. To do this activity stick several strands of tape of assorted length of the carpet or table top and let the little ones have at it! they can enjoy peeling it off, sticking it back-on, making patterns, or creating shapes and pictures. Plus, the whole time with all the peeling and sticking this is great for hand strength!

Practicing Balance

Begin by making a long line of tape upon the floor--now you have a simple balance beam! You can change-up the path too throughout the classroom by adding zig-zags or other more challenging patterns to make sure the kids work extra-hard to keep their balance and coordination.

Jumping Fun

Set-up various spots with tape and have students jump from spot-to-spot in this acitivity!

Indoor Hopscotch and Other Games That Normally use Chalk

Game such as hopscotch, ring around the rosy, and tic tac toe, sometimes require chalk to be drawn on the ground to serve as a guide for where to step or when making a move in a game. By using tape all of these activities can easily be played inside, perfect for rainy day!

Fine Motor Unwrapping Game

Tape a long piece of tape and wrap it around an action figure, doll, or toy and see if the children can, "Rescue," it via unwrapping and peeling off all of the tape--this is perfect for more fine motor fun!

Feed the Fish Game

Making a pretend, "Pond," full of fish and having students try to, "Feed," these fish helps develop all kinds of fine motor and gross motor skills.

Cutting-Up Mazes

Create a maze out of the tape for students to practice navigating, or have them use scissors to cut their way out and further develop their motor skills!

Body Part Identification

Give students small pieces of tape and then when you name a body part have them stick the tape on themselves where that body part is--for example, "Put some tape on your nose!" This makes a wonderful group activity or can be done one-on-one as well!

Pre-Dressing Skill Building

Some kids are not yet quite ready to work on dressing themselves yet, but to help develop some of the skill needed try placing tape in difficult-to-reach places that require the students to engage in bending and stretching their arms to get to the tape (feet, back, shoulders, elbows). this allows them to practice reaching-out to different parts of their bodies.


Fun Activities With Tape for Toddlers

Skill Areas Addressed

Doing these activities helps with the development of skills in the following categories:

  1. Fine motor skills
  2. Grasping
  3. General Strength
  4. Visual Motor Integration
  5. Gross Motor Skills
  6. Coordination
  7. Motor Control
  8. Balancing

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Fun Activities With Tape for Toddlers
October 7, 2019
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