Fun Sensory Bins for Autistic Children
Fun Sensory Bins for Autistic Children

I am an elementary Life Skills teacher who works with children who have special needs.  I'm also a thrift store enthusiast. When I can, I like to create activities that are educational, sensory, and engaging for students with short attention spans.

One of my students' favorite activities is sensory bins.  I try to place items in the tub that appeal to all students with various sensory issues.  Every month, I create a bin that has a seasonal or holiday theme.  I've learned from past experience not to use any kind of food items if you are going to store them for the next year.  Sensory bins can contain any type of items as long as they are not perishable.  We had bugs get into my bins containing pasta, rice, or beans.  I also try to have items that can be used for fine motor skills such as picking out alphabet letters with tweezers or tongs.

Every morning when my students arrive, I start the day with pulling out the sensory bins for them to explore while my paraprofessional goes to the cafeteria to get their breakfast.  It then goes back in the closet until it is needed again.  I hope the pictures I post will give you some creative ideas to make your own.  Also keep in mind that it can be used with other students, not just special needs students.  Get to know your students and their likes and dislikes.  Take note of what items in the bin they explore and/or play with the most. 

Then get creative and have fun! 

Here are a few photos of the sensory bins I have made:

Fall sensory bin

Fall bin with fake leaves, acorns, pine cones, and scarecrows.

Halloween sensory bin

Halloween with plastic pumpkins, spider webs, plastic spiders, and things that glow in the dark.

Ocean or summer sensory bin

Ocean or summer bin with colored sand and beach toys.

Winter sensory bin

January bin with Epsom salt, snowflakes, bells, and glitter

Easter or spring sensory bin

Easter or spring sensory bin with moss, plastic eggs, Easter grass, and bunny rabbits.

Fun Sensory Bins for Autistic Children
January 30, 2020
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