Fun with dot art

Grace Chang
Fun with dot art

Today I did a dot art transportation activity with kids

(students put dotted stickers around the transportations.) There are 10 transportations, students need to say what they want clearly to get the transportation they want. (for example, ms. grace i want the truck) It helps them to practice how to say the transportation names we learned few weeks ago.

It's one of the low prep activity that you only need to print-out the outline of the picture and have dot art pen or dot stickers. It can help students to practice their motor skill and control their hand muscle.

All kids were engaged and quiet on their task~~ love it, some quiet teacher time activity. After they finished with the dots, they requested to use crayons to draw on their picture to decorate. The finished products were absolutely creative and show their skill improvement and hard working! great job kiddos.

Fun with dot art
May 26, 2021
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