Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers With Leaves

.Mia Brown
Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers With Leaves

When it comes to thinking of fun Fall activities for preschooler students it is always fun to do ones that involve leaves.

One big part of Fall is how the leaves change colors and fall from the trees, At Storybook Preschool in Lake Elsinore, California, they have a variety of activities you can do for the Fall with leaves that your students are sure to love!

Leaf Painting

Students will love getting to practice their painting skills on something besides a piece of paper or easel when you tell them to put paint on the leaves! They can use colors that match well with the leaves they paint or do whatever they would like.

Leaf Stepping/Crunching

Leaves always make a delightful, sound when we step on them. Autumn leaves crunch and crinkle, with the sound matched by the awesome feeling under your feet and around you knees. By putting a bunch of fallen leaves in a sensory bucket for students to step on and, "Crunch," they too can enjoy the sounds and sensations of Fall leaves.

"Crunching, crinkling autumn leaves. Listening to the sound and feeling them under my feet and around my knees!"

Tree Branch Painting

During the Fall sometimes trees lose branches as well as leaves. You can have students study these fallen branches and talk about the life cycle of trees during the year. Then, for extra-fun students can paint the trees to make them extra-colorful and fun!

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Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers With Leaves
October 1, 2019
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