Geometry Polyhedron Project

Geometry Polyhedron Project

 Construção de polietros com palitos de churrasco garrote.Construction of polyhedrons from sticksHello, I am new here on the site. This is my first post. I am Brazilian. I teach math in elementary school. This photo event was a show called Fun Math.My goal with this show was to work with seminars where students could learn the name of the polyhedrons, the number of faces, edges and vertices.Soon, the construction of polyhedrons began in the following categories:- solid bodies of Plato;- prisms;- pyramids.At the end of the seminars, the student buildings were open to the school community.In these designs we use barbecue and rubber hoses.Each workshop consisted of 10 students in each category.Geometry Polyhedron Project

Geometry Polyhedron Project
January 14, 2020
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