Germs Preschool Science Experiment

.Emily Davis
Germs Preschool Science Experiment

The students at Majestic Harbor Children’s Center in Gloucester, Massachusetts learned all about germs!

They did a science experiment focused on learning about how easily germs can be spread from one friend to another. They touched red paint that served as, "Germs," and then pressed their hands onto a sheet of paper with a hand outline. They saw how the, "Germs," were transferred to the paper, much like how we transfer germs to surfaces and people if we aren't careful. The students learned the way to be safe was by washing their hands--and not just with water, but the right tools!

The Correct Way to Wash Our Hands

For one part of the experiment, students saw how if they washed their hands with warm water and soap that made the, "Germs," wash away. Also, the students were told that to be sure they got their hands properly cleaned they should sing the ABC's while washing. The colorful, "Germs," really helped to illustrate how real germs can be spread and why it is so important to wash our hands!

Majestic Harbor Children's Center
Gloucester, MA, United States

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Germs Preschool Science Experiment
January 28, 2020
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