Ginger bread man lacing

Peck Yoke Sen
Ginger bread man lacing

1. Cut a gingerbread Man shape from a cardboard or a artblock.

2. Use white marker or white paint to draw the lines,eyes, mouth and buttons on the cardboard.

3. Use hot glue to stick the cut straw around the edge of the cardboard and wait to dry.

4. Lacing around the edge then put the glue on the buttons on the eye and buttons.

* Hot glue may not fix the straw well, so need to be careful when lacing.

*The numbers and the width of the straw may be adjusted according to the children motor skills abilities.

*Diameter of the straw is around 1cm.

*Recommended string will be big yarn or shoe lace.

Ginger bread man lacing




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Ginger bread man lacing
December 26, 2020
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