Jelly Drop Counting Activity on Gingerbread Men

.Madison Wilson
Jelly Drop Counting Activity on Gingerbread Men

Jelly Drop Counting Activity on Gingerbread Men

At Parsons Family Child Care they did a very fun jelly drop counting activity on placemats that looked like gingerbread men!

They counted-out the jelly drops so that they matched the numbers pictured upon the individual gingerbread men.

This activity is great for encouraging young students to work on exploring things such a feeling the texture of their jelly drops, tasting them (as a fun snack, and works on the development of fine motor skills as they use their pincher-grasp to pick-up and place jell drops.

In addition, students work on their counting skills, number recognition, and will use their concentration to focus on doing the activity properly.

Should you want to make things further advanced you could utilize different colored jelly drops and challenge students to use certain colors for different gingerbread men as well!

Parsons Family Child Care, Lake Elsinore, California


Download Your Own Copy

You can do this fun math activity in your classroom as well by using these free printable sheets of gingerbread men that we have provided!

You can turn the sheets into laminated mats for counting and use anything from real jelly drops to your own, "Gumdrops," made out of a material such as Play-Doh. Click here for details!

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Jelly Drop Counting Activity on Gingerbread Men
December 9, 2019
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