Greeting cards for Mother's Day

Greeting cards for Mother's Day

Greeting cards for Mother's Day

Every year, we like to prepare surprises for moms, in idea of gratitude ans apreciation for all the beautiful things that mothers do for us: they born us and they are always by our syde, even they are not feeling in good shape (they clean, wash, do the laundry, cook, etc). For that we prepare some poems, songs, and we realize gifts with our own hands in which we are putting love and gratitute.

This year we made a big flower bouquet from balloons and a beautiful greeting card in which we draw a message for moms.

Further we sang a song for mother's day and we recorded it on the tape, and after that we posted it o mothers group to make them proud of what we did for them.

But surprizes didn't stoped here: when each mother came to the kindergarten to take her child she was stoped for a moment to listen a poem about Mother's Day, recited by her little baby. This was the more emotional moment of the day, when I saw all moms crying of happines.

Greeting cards for Mother's Day
October 10, 2020
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