Halloween Craft: Puffy Cotton Ball Ghosts

.Mia Brown
Halloween Craft: Puffy Cotton Ball Ghosts

This is a super easy and very cute Halloween craft that makes a stellar decoration! The kids at Perfectly Prepared Preschool, LLC had so much fun making them and your class will as well!

Perfectly Prepared Preschool, LLC


Materials Needed for the Puffy Cotton Ball Ghosts

  • A ghost template you have drawn
  • White cardstock
  • Black cardstock (used for the ghost's eyes and mouth)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton balls

How to Make the Puffy Cotton Ball Ghosts

Using your ghost template, trace the ghostly shape onto the white cardstock with a pencil. Do this multiple times for multiple ghosts and then cut-out the shape with your scissors.

Use the black cardstock to cut-out a big mouth and smaller eyes.

From the top of the ghost squirt-out onto it a small bit of glue. Take a cotton ball and stretch it out so it is thin and flat--tearing it into smaller pieces if needed. Lightly press this cotton onto the glue, continuing down the shape. Fill-in the spaces around the edges as is necessary.

Once the ghost has been covered in cotton you can apply some more glue to then put-down the eyes and mouth, which you will need to lightly press onto the ghost shape to be sure they are completely attached.


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Halloween Craft: Puffy Cotton Ball Ghosts
October 21, 2019
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