Activities About Healthy Foods for Preschool Students

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Activities About Healthy Foods for Preschool Students

Activities About Healthy Foods for Preschool Students

When it comes to eating healthy foods they did a number of great activities to learn all about how to eat healthy at Brighten Academy Preschool in Clovis, California! Check out all the cool things they did!

Brighten Academy Preschool, Clovis, California

Healthy Shopping Bag

As the picture at the top of this post shows, one activity the students did was to take a paper lunch sack and paste pictures of nutritious foods onto it as a sort of visual list of things to fill their bag with!

Healthy Foods and Unhealthy Foods Board

This bulletin board featured, "Nibbling Nick," and has healthy foods on one side of the board and unhealthy foods on the other so that students can see which kinds of items are good for us and which are not the best choice.

Healthy and Unhealthy Food

The Very Hungry Preschoolers

This craft has students take pictures of healthful food they like to eat when they are hungry and then paste the images into a picture of a dinner-plate. After all, eating food when they're hungry helps them grow!

The Very Hungry Preschoolers
Eating food when I'm hungry helps me grow!

Food Pyramid

The preschoolers loved learning about the food pyramid and then making their own of the kinds of foods they thought belonged on each level. They both did it on a table and made their own on craft paper with images they glued where they belonged.

Fruit and Vegetable Crafts

One of the most important parts of a well-balanced diet is eating lots of fruits and vegetables! With this in mind the students did a number of crafts where they created their own fruits and veggies out of craft paper, paint, and multi-media objects such as beads. Plus, they painted and colored-in images of healthy fruits and vegetables in addition to making smiling ones as a craft they gave names to! Lastly, they colored-in pictures of fruits and veggies (and some colored images of dairy too for extra-fun).

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Activities About Healthy Foods for Preschool Students
November 16, 2019
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