Leak-Proof Bag Experiment

.Mia Brown
Leak-Proof Bag Experiment

At Hi Five Academy in Davie, Florida, the students had a great time doing this leak-proof bag experiment.

Hi Five Academy, Davie, Florida


They were astounded to see that when sharp pencils went into a Zip Lock bag full of water it did not leak! You can do this with your own class as well and explain to the students how this cool experiment works!

Supplies Needed

You will need.

  • Zip Lock bags
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Water

How To Do the Experiment

To do the experiment follow these steps.

Begin by filling a Zip Lock bag 2/3 full of water and then seal it up tight.Lift the bag up, and while holding it quickly pierce it with the sharpened pencil.

Push the pencil all the way through and out the other end.

Some water may leak when the initial piercing occurs but then it will stop!Ask the students how they think this experiment works.

Explain the science of the experiment to them (listed below)

How the Experiment Works/The Science Behind the Experiment

Zip Lock bags are often made of a material much like that found in balloons and rubber (known as long-chain polymer). This makes them very elastic. Due to this elasticity when the bag is pierced the combination of water pressure and the elastic nature of the bag makes it reseal around the pencil and stop water from leaking.

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Leak-Proof Bag Experiment
November 18, 2019
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