Learning Activity with Cars for Kids

Learning Activity with Cars for Kids

Learning Activity with Cars for KidsLet's learn number 1 till 10 today. I believe most kids love cars especially boys, use that love and interest to engage them in learning numbers, colors, shapes etc.This is also a very simple activity in which your littles one can spend at least half an hour or more in this activity. My little ones can repeatedly park the car into the parking lots and remove them and then re-park again. At the meantime, teach them numbers, introduce two to three numbers at one time, once they familiar add on another two to three numbers. Don't rush while teaching them.Prepare a sheets of paper, draw 5-10 parking lots, write the number in each of the lots. Paste the dot stickers on your kids' toy car as shown above. Then teach them how to park the car properly and according to the number written. Initially they will just park the car for fun, once they find numbers interesting, you'll be suprise that they will match them accordingly one day.Enjoy guys and have a nice day!

Learning Activity with Cars for Kids
April 22, 2020
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