Let's make a compote

Let's make a compote

Didactic game for children from 1 to 4 years old. This exercise helps children learn counting from 1 to 5. This includes three sheets. There is one sheet with a big and impressive pan and the other two sheets with all the fruit and berries that need to be placed upon it. Purpose of the game: to acquaint children with the concept of "compote", to teach to distinguish between fruits and berries, to develop fine motor skills and coordination of finger movements in children, to develop vocabulary, memory, attention, thinking and speaking. Children can cut-out the fruit and then glue them. Also, you can alternatively laminate everything and make this a reusable game that can be done multiple times. Option 1: The teacher puts a picture of a pan in front of the child and places fruits and berries on the pan. The child should name the fruits and berries in the pan.

Option 2: Count the fruits and berries. The teacher suggests cooking stewed fruit (compote) and for example put in a saucepan one strawberry, two bunches of grapes, three oranges and two apples.

Option 3: What's Extra Here? The teacher deliberately places one or two vegetables on the fruit and berry pot. The child must find an extra one and prove why?

By completing this task, your children

will have fun and usefully!

Let's make a compote
June 14, 2021
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