Activities About the Letter, "A," for Pre-K

.Sophia Williams
Activities About the Letter, "A," for Pre-K

If you are going to be teaching your pre-K students about letters the first one that will be discussed is always going to be the letter, "A," in both its uppercase form and lowercase design.

At Immanuel Preschool and Kindergarten in Scranton, Pennsylvania, they did a number of activities about the letter A which can serve as great inspiration for when you talk about it with your preschoolers!

Apple Tree Craft

Having students make their own apple tree out construction paper or with crayons and markers is a great way to talk about words that start with the letter A (like an apple tree) and have pre-K children work on their pincher grasp by putting little pretend apples upon their tree.

Apple Decorations

Encourage you students to make a funny face for a big paper apple--it can be happy, sad, angry, or whatever they would like! Then you can talk about where apples grow and the parts of an apple (stem, seeds, and so forth).

Lowercase, "a," as an Apple

This craft involves taking the letter A in its lowercase form--"a"--and using that design to make it look just like an apple with the seeds in the middle! Sometimes younger students struggle to understand how letters can have two shapes depending on if they are uppercase or lowercase and this is a fantastic way to talk about the lowercase, "a," and how it is used.

"A" and "a" Matching

For this activity there are two paper trees or two paper baskets. One has the uppercase version of, "A," and the other has a lowercase, "a,." Students then match their apples which have both A and a with the correct tree or basket. This is another stellar way to learn about uppercase versus lowercase letters.

Color-in the "A" and "a"

Students are given a piece of paper with a variety of letters and use their marker, crayon, or highlighter to make sure they color-in the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter A.

Apple Stamping

Pre-K children love to paint or use stamps and this activity encourages just that! Students use an apple as a big stamp by covering it in paint and then pushing it onto their paper to make fun designs. This craft is another way to talk about how apples start with, "A," and review the parts of an apple.

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Activities About the Letter, "A," for Pre-K
September 14, 2019
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