Light Table Center for Preschool

Emma Johnson
Light Table Center for Preschool

Light Table for preschoolers

In preschool one fun time of the day is when the students get to do, "Centers," and try-out various activities! One awesome idea for a center is doing a light table.

What is a Light Table?

A light table is any kind of flat surface that is translucent (like glass, plastic, a tabletop, etc.) with a source of light underneath that shines-up towards the tabletop. It has an endless number of possibilities for playing and learning with your preschool and pre-k classroom!

Light Table Activity

Sorting Beads

Parsons Family Child Care has one fun example of a great light table activity that entertained their, "Little hands," in the form of sorting beads. The light table makes a bin full of sorting beads extra-bright when they are dumped onto the table and then students can sort them all kind of fun ways to work on their recognition-skills and concentration. Whether they are sorting the beads by color, shape, or letters it is a great way to explore and develop fine motor skills as well!

Sight Words

Pre-K students at our Danbrook Dr. preschool in Sacramento are using a light table to spell out their sight words.

Light Table: Arthropods and Insects

Learning Ship Christian Preschool

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Light Table Center for Preschool
September 5, 2019
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