Make a Fairy Garden With Your Preschooler

.Amelia White
Make a Fairy Garden With Your Preschooler

Make a Fairy Garden With Your Preschooler

The Garden Home Community Library in Portland Oregon has been designing and offering tips for how to make a Fairy Garden! A fairy garden is like a little diorama of plants an decorations that can house the mythical creatures known as fairies! It is one of their many children's programs they do and it has been extremely popular online as families follow along in making their own fairy garden!

Making Your Own Fairy Garden

When it comes to making your own fairy garden with your preschooler, a lot of aspects are up to your own creativity, but certain things are generally always needed. Many websites will tell you that the bare necessities for a Fairy Garden are:

  • A large container that has drainage holes or a decently-sized potted plant with a drainage hole (so water won't build-up)
  • Potting mix/dirt
  • Plants, flowers, and twigs
  • Peat, gravel, or glass marbles for decorating
  • Other decorations found in gardens or even in an aquarium as they are smaller and fit well

As long as you have these items you can easily fill your fairy garden with soil, plants, and decorations. Then you and your preschooler can make sure to water the plants and add decorations whenever you find new ones to make a fairy garden just as beautiful as the one at the Garden Home Community Library!

Source For Photo: Garden Home Community Library

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Make a Fairy Garden With Your Preschooler
May 18, 2020
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