Making a, "Lunch Lion," Activity for Preschoolers

.Chloe Thompson
Making a, "Lunch Lion," Activity for Preschoolers

Miss G is a preschool teacher has done with preschool students! They spend lunch making a lion out of their food--a, "Lunch Lion!" You can do it at home too!

Making Your Own, "Lunch Lion."

Creating your very own, "Lunch Lion," just requires creativity and an assortment of foods! You can talk with your preschooler about what kinds of foods could create a Lion's mane (like pretzels) and what is good for big circular ears (such as banana slices). After discussing all the foods that could be used to create a, "Lunch Lion," you can gather everything and help your preschooler start assembling their Lion out of their food! Once you're done take a picture and then dig-in and enjoy your tasty lunch together!

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Making a, "Lunch Lion," Activity for Preschoolers
May 18, 2020
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