Making a Rose Bouquet

.Amelia White
Making a Rose Bouquet

Making a Rose Bouquet

At Estrellitas Montessori School they did a fun activity which is great whenever your students want to make a present for someone--they created a rose bouquet! It was a stellar fine motor skill activity for little ones as they carefully powered water into a vase and placed the roses within it to then give to someone special--like their parents!

How to make a rose bouquet

To make a rose bouquet follow these steps:

  1. Gather your materials of roses, an empty vase, and a pitcher of water.
  2. Pour your water from the pitcher into the vase--be careful not to spill or overfill the vase!
  3. Take one rose at a time and carefully set it into the vase to make your bouquet.
  4. Adjust the roses as needed to ensure your bouquet looks gorgeous.
  5. Give your flower bouquet to someone special like a parent!

Source for photos: Estrellitas Montessori School

Making a Rose Bouquet
August 8, 2020
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