Mandala Creation Art Project for Elementary Students

.Mia Brown
Mandala Creation Art Project for Elementary Students

Mandala School Project

In the Durand Elementary Art class (in Durand, Illinois) the 5th-grade elementary students loved their most recent art project!

The class learned all about mandalas and then worked to create their own in black-and-white and then color-in. All of the kids did a phenomenal job in creating their mandalas, with gorgeous results.

What a Mandala Is and How to Make Them

"Mandala," originated as a Hindu and Buddhist term for an assortment of geometric figures which represented the Universe symbolically. However, in the many years since the term was first created it now is often used as a term for any complex variety of geometric shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, and anything else that can be clustered together in beautiful, uniform patterns. To make a Mandala someone needs to focus closely on creating geometric shapes that align well, making this a stellar activity for students to practice with keeping a good attention-span when they work on the art project. Once a Mandala is made many people also like to have them be full of color too, adding another whole different beautiful element to creating mandalas!

Durand Elementary Art
Durand, IL, United States

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Mandala Creation Art Project for Elementary Students
February 13, 2020
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